Airport Emergency

Alert 1

Minor electrical/mechanical problem;

units standby at FD

Alert 2

Aircraft has declared an emergency ;

units standby at runway

Alert 3

An aircraft crash has occurred or is inevitable

Alert 4

Hijacking, bomb threats or HAZMAT problems.


Level 1

1-5 passengers on board

Level 2

6-10 passengers on board

Level 3

 11-25 passengers on board

Level 4

26-50 passengers on board

Level 5

  51 or more passengers


  • Effectively immediately any response to the downtown airport for an aircraft related emergency should have EMS respond to the South Ramp Access point and stage at that location until further notice from Greenville City Fire Dept.
  • EMS will not proceed past the gate access point at the South Ramp until cleared to do so by City Fire Command Officer on scene.
  • The actual address for a response to the downtown airport will be 100 Tower Dr, however the South Ramp staging location is located off Airport Rd. at 21 Airport Rd. Ext. near the Runway Café’.