Critical Trauma


Paramedics must remember that critically injured patients may need immediate surgical intervention.


It is imperative to do the following:


  • make a quick assessment of scene safety
  • assess airway
  • assess breathing
  • assess circulation and/or problems associated with circulation
  • recognize or rule-out the need for additional equipment or personnel
  • correct life-threatening problems
  • administer oxygen as soon as possible
  • immobilize patients
  • notify dispatch of START Triage category(ies)
  • major area(s) of injury
  • ETA
  • rapid transport to the nearest trauma center.
  • Once transport has begun, crews will notify the trauma center of all patients being transported with updated condition and ETA.
  • All IV lines will be initiated enroute to the trauma center unless the patient is trapped and/or the IV will not delay transport.
  •  All head trauma patient with decreased level of consciousness should receive proper airway maintenance and should be ventilated with 100% oxygen.
  • Crews should attempt to leave the scene within 10 minutes.
  • Reassessment of vital signs and neurological status is important and should be done frequently while treating the patient.