Greenville County 10-Codes


The Letter “A” after a signal indicates an EMERGENCY




Information and Services


10-00     Caution


10-01     Poor Signal


10-02     Good Signal


10-03     Cancel Last Message


10-04     Okay


10-05     En Route


10-06     (Arrived) On Scene


10-07     Out of Service


10-08     In Service


10-09     Repeat


10-10    Out of vehicle with radio


10-11     Stand(ing) By


10-12     Visitor Present


              B. Official


              C. Victim


              D. Suspect


             E. Other


10-13     Meal or Break Period


10-14     Escort


10-15    Non-Criminal Assistance


10-16     Expedite Completion


10-17     Any Messages For?


10-18     Message Delivered


10-19     Rendezvous With


10-20     Location


10-21     Telephone


10-22    Switch to Regional Channel


10-23     Improper Use of Radio


10-24     Complainant


10-25     Relay


10-26     Busy


10-27    Estimated Time of Arrival


10-28     Correct Time


10-29     Follow-Up


10-30     Send    _______


                     B. Identification Officer


                    C. Coroner


                    D. Other


10-31    Officer Involved


                  B. Shooting


                 C. Accident


                 D. Complaint


10-32     Service Center (garage)


10-33     Ems Requesting Police


10-34     House Check


10-35     Background Noise


Alarms and Emergency


10-36     Extra Patrol


10-37     Double Car


10-38     Crime Watch Program


10-39     Medical Precaution


10-40     Fire Call


10-41     Officer Needs Help Request Backup


                B. SWAT Requested


10-42     General Broadcast / All Units


10-43     Hold Radio Traffic/Emergency Communications


10-44     Alarm


                  B. Hold-Up


                  C. Monitor


                  D. Silent


        E. Audible


        F. P/C; Number and Location


10-45     Armed Robbery or Hold-Up


        B. Already Occurred


10-46     Prisoner in Custody"


                  B. Female


                  C. Juvenile


10-47     Mental Case Patient


10-48     Escapee


10-49     Weapon; Specify Type


                  B. Discharged or In Use


                  C. Possession in the Open


                  D. Possession Concealed




10-50     Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)


                Personal Injury (PI)


                  C. Hit and Run


10-51     Request Ambulance


10-52     Traffic Congestion


                  B. Obstruction (Specify)


                  C. Traffic Light Out


                  D. Weather or Road Condition


                  E. Other (Specify)


10-53     Investigate Vehicle


                  B. Abandoned


                  C. Suspicious


10-54     Information Request


                B. Driver’s License (DL)


                C. Tag/Registration


                D. Wants/Warrants/Vehicle/Person


                E. NCIC Check


10-55    Request Wrecker


10-56    Vehicle Stop


10-57    Reckless Driver


                 B. Reckless Driving


                  C. Speeding


                  D. Other (Specify)


10-58    Vehicle Pursuit


10-59    Intoxicated Driver


                  B. Breathalyzer Required


10-60    Work School Crossing


10-61    Radar Request


10-62    Vehicle Checkpoint


10-64    Traffic Control


10-65    Check on Crossing Guard


10-70    Hazard


       B. Bomb or Other Threat


      C. Chemical Leak or Accident


      D. Explosion


      E. Other (Specify)


10-71    Nuisance Call (Animal or Music)


10-72    Deceit Incidents


                  B. Breach of Trust


                  C. Forgery


                  D. Fraud


                  E. Other (Specify)


10-73    Intoxicated Person


10-74    Malicious Mischief / Vandalism


10-75    Missing Person


10-76    Telephone Incident


                  B. Threatening Call


                  C. Harassing Call


                  D. Obscene Call


10-77    Trespassing


10-78    Serving Legal Papers


                  B. Warrants


                  C. Civil Papers


                  D. Other (Specify)


10-79    Special Assignment


Criminal Investigation


10-80    Domestic Dispute


10-81    Disturbance or Fight


10-82    Sexual Assault


                  B. Rape


                  C. Molesting


                  D. Indecent Exposure


                  E. Other (Specify)


10-83    Vice or Intoxicant Violation


                  B. Narcotics


                  C. Prostitution


                  D. Gambling


                  E. Alcohol


       F. Other (Specify)


10-84    Theft


     B. Grand Larceny


     C. Petty Larceny


     D. Shoplifting


10-85   Breaking & Entering or Burglary"


                B. Business


                C. Residence


                D. Auto


10-86    Assault


10-87    Stolen Vehicle


                B. Auto


                C. Motorcycle


                D. Bicycle


       E. Other (specify)


10-88     Suspicious Person


                B. Loitering


                C. Prowler or Peeping Tom


10-89     Death Investigation


                B. Murder / Manslaughter


                C. Deceased Person


                D. Suicide


10-90     Kidnapping


                B. Minor


                C. Adult


10-91     911 Hang-Up


10-92     Property Recovered


10-93     Information Only