Suctioning Basic


Clinical Indications:


  • Obstruction of the airway (secondary to secretions, blood, or any other substance) in a patient who cannot maintain or keep the airway clear.




  1. Ensure suction device is in proper working order with suction tip in place.
  2. Preoxygenate the patient as is possible.
  3. Explain the procedure to the patient if they are coherent.
  4. Examine the oropharynx and remove any potential foreign bodies or material which may occlude the airway if dislodged by the suction device.
  5. If applicable, remove ventilation devices from the airway.
  6. Use the suction device for no more than 30 seconds to remove any secretions, blood, or other substance.
  7. The alert patient may assist with this procedure.
  8. Reattach ventilation device (e.g., bag-valve mask) and ventilate or assist the patient
  9. Record the time and result of the suctioning in the patient care report (PCR).