Taser® Probe Removal


Clinical Indications:


  • Patient with uncomplicated conducted electrical weapon (Taser®) probes embedded subcutaneously in non-sensitive areas of skin.
  • Taser probes are barbed metal projectiles that may embed themselves up to 13 mm into the skin.




  • Patients with conducted electrical weapon (Taser®) probe penetration in vulnerable areas of body as mentioned below should be transported for further evaluation and probe removal.
  • Probes embedded in skin above level of clavicles, female breasts, or genitalia.
  • Suspicion that probe might be embedded in bone, blood vessel, or other sensitive structure.




  1. Ensure wires are disconnected from the weapon.
  2. Stabilize skin around probe using non-dominant hand.
  3. Grasp probe by metal body using dominant hand.
  4. Remove probe in single quick motion.
  5. Wipe wound with antiseptic wipe and apply dressing
  6. Document the procedure, time, and result (success) on/with the patient care report (PCR).