Trauma Activations 1.14




  • EMS providers shall assess each adult and pediatric trauma patient using the following criteria
  • upon contact.
  • Once a level 1, 2, or 3 trauma alert patient is identified in the field through assessment, a crew member must contact GMH via recorded line as soon as practical and provide a report using the M.I.S.T format. The words “Trauma Alert” must be included in the report.
  • All patients meeting the criteria list below (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Trauma alert) shall be transport to Greenville Memorial Hospital (Level 1 Trauma Center).
    • Follow 12.15 for complete criteria for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.
  • If patient refuses transport to GMH and is deemed a “Trauma Alert” by the EMS professional, a refusal must be signed for alternate transport destination after explaining the risk of “life and limb” to the patient.
  • Upon arrival in the Trauma bay EMS personnel will repeat the M.I.S.T report to the trauma team.




  • To ensure the patient receives the appropriate care following traumatic injuries.


    • M = Mechanism of Injury:
      • Blunt
      • Penetrating
      • Burn
      • Entrapment duration (PRN)
    • I = Injuries Sustained (Airway):
      • Injuries identified or suspected
    • S = Vital Signs and GCS
      • Current VS and O2 sat
      • Lowest Bp
      • GCS
      • Pupils
    • T = Treatment (What did EMS do?)
      • IV's - location/size
      • Fluids/Blood - type and volume infused
      • Procedures (include meds)