Wound Care: Eye Irrigation


Clinical Indications:


  • Irrigation for eye injuries prior to and during transport.
  • Irrigation Guidelines and Procedures:
  • For chemical splashes to the eye, emergent irrigation is critical to preventing further tissue damage. If there is no concern for physical trauma to the eye, utilize a Morgan Lens® to immediately provide copious irrigation directly to the globe. Have patient remove contact lenses. Follow the Eye Injury/Complaint Protocol.


To utilize the Morgan Lens®, follow these steps:


  • Apply topical ocular anesthetic (e.g., 2 drops Tetracaine).
  • Attach Morgan Lens® set to IV tubing to sterile solution (e.g., saline bag); START FLOW.
  • Have patient look down, retract upper lid, and insert Morgan Lens® under upper lid
  • Have patient look up, retract lower lid, and then gently drop lens in place.
  • Release lower lid over lens and ensure steady, copious flow. Secure tubing to prevent accidental lens removal. Absorb outflow with towels. DO NOT RUN DRY.
  • Irrigate with at least one liter of sterile solution. For lens removal, ENSURE FLOW OF SOLUTION IS CONTINUING, have patient look up, retract lower lid (and upper lid slightly if necessary), and slide Morgan Lens® out. Stop flow only after removing lens.
  • Document the procedure, including solution and volume used to irrigate, in the patient care report (PCR).